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Current Kickstarter Project

Our current Kickstarter project is "Iron Fortress for 28mm wargames". This STL set is currently live on Kickstarter!

The project features a massive fortress in STL format.

Kickstarter link


Past Kickstarter Projects

We have produced a number of Kickstarters over the last two years of various sizes. Below is a summary of each one and a link to the project page.


The Formidable Fortress

A fortress terrain set suited for use with a range of science fiction games, whether you are defending from an alien menace, fighting off hordes of ravenous mutants or withstanding an enemy siege these walls shall not fall!


Claustrophobic Combat

Perfect for use as the interior of a bunker, science facility or even the hallways of a gigantic spaceship this is a scenery set which allows you to create cramped and tight maps in which you could hunt down mutant rabble, escape from an alien infestation or fight a pitched interior battle between rival gangs!


The Commanding Castle

The Commanding Castle has been designed to provide a stalwart bastion for armies to fight over in 28mm scale wargames or even as a location to visit in a tabletop RPG.


Fortified Outpost and Vehicles for 28mm Wargaming

The Fortified Outpost is a nice robust set of terrain that can either be set up to make an outpost of the fortified variety or spread out over a table to create several areas of line of sight blocking terrain.


Titan Gate

The Titan Gate scenery set is a selection of 28mm scale fortifications designed to allow your troops to withstand almost any attack.

With parts ranging from simple front line defensive walls to massive turret emplacements and gates designed to keep towering war machines out (or in!).


Scrapwar Machines of Destruction

This project features 3d printable STL files for a selection of armoured vehicles fashioned out of derelict war machines and a variety of scenery to make a scrap based settlement.


Industrial Zone 53

This project features a selection of 28mm scale scenery and vehicles for use in wargames or RPGs. The theme for this project is a sci-fi industrial yard, complete with walking cranes, cargo drones and a monorail!


Tempest Assault Force

This campaign features a selection of 28mm scale warmachines and a scenery set based around a maintenance facility. Both digital and physical pledge levels are available.


The Wailing Fen

A 5e location supplement. "The Wailing Fen is a misty section of flat fenland, intersected by waterways with the only solid ground on offer being thick mud that could pull you under with one misstep. Will you be able to traverse the misty fenland without succumbing to the horrors that lurk in its depths?"


Medieval City Walls for 28mm Wargames

STL files for 28mm scale huge city walls with multiple levels and a playable interior.


Expedition to Chimpanzor Island: A 5e Adventure

A 5e adventure supplement. "A tropical island port, whispers of treasure on the wind and monsters lurking in the jungle. Will you survive the expedition?"


Ruins of Castle Bolsahn

28mm scale ruined castle for wargames.

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