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Here are older news items that you may have missed out on.

13 November 2019 - Upcoming Release - Claustrophobic Combat Kickstarter

Our next Kickstarter project "Claustrophobic Combat" will be launching on 30 November 2019. Designed to be used with 28mm wargames, this terrain will allow you to create tight and cramped mazes of death to trap and hunt your enemies! Both STL files and physical pledges will be available.

27 October 2019 - Digital STL sales

I am pleased to announce that STL files for a limited selection of products are now available for purchase from The available range will be increasing over the coming months whilst I assess what works well as a digital sale and what does not.

The range is available here.

4 October 2019 - New release - Stone Tower

A 3d printed stone tower, perfect for defending the outskirts of a town from roving hordes! This tower is comprised of 3 separate floors each of which can house 6 models on 28mm bases.

The Stone Tower can be purchased here.

25 September 2019 - Formidable Fortress 169% funded!

The Formidable Fortress Kickstarter has been fully funded to the tune of 169%! This is fantastic news and will allow Culverin Models to take a big step forward in production capacity and what we can produce. We look forward to sharing some of the things we have been working on soon!

The Kickstarter can be accessed here.

23 August 2019 - New release - Outpost 23

The Outpost 23 set is a small easily defended base comprised of 2 buildings (that can house 12 models on 25mm bases each) with removable roofs, 1 watchtower (which can house 7 models on 25mm bases) with a removable roof, 8 walls and a selection of supply crates.

The Outpost 23 set can be purchased here.

16 August 2019 - Formidable Fortress Kickstarter is live!

The Kickstarter has gone live and we have had our first few backers (thank you to those who have backed so far and future backers!). There are a few updates to come in the coming weeks so stay tuned. The Kickstarter can be accessed here.

25 July 2019 - Fortress Kickstarer test printing continues

Several sections of the Fortress are now complete including the gate, straight wall section, corner wall section and the turret bastion section.

These sections have all been test printed without issue and as such that means that all of the large items in the base pack are ready and now things like stairs and some detail items need completing in the next week.

Add-on items are part-way through development and will include a modular tower to slot on the back of the walls and some bunkers, walls and barricades to bolster defences outside of the walls.

16 July 2019 - New Shipping Containers for sale

The new shipping container kit is now for sale!

This can be purchased in a double pack here.

12 July 2019 - Fortress Kickstarter

We will be launching our first Kickstarter project in August!

This will comprise of digital STL and physical pledges for a set of fortress walls and gates.

To the left is a test print of a small section of wall.

More details will become available in the coming weeks.

12 July 2019 - New shipping Container

A revised version of the shipping container is due to be for sale soon.

With a removable roof and openable doors this will be a versatile item of scenery for large or small games.