Formidable Fortress

The Formidable Fortress is quick to set up and can be used more or less straight out of the box (although a lick of paint is advised!).  These are 3d printed parts, but make no mistake they are designed to be strong and sturdy. Some fine sanding may be required depending on the desired final finish but the parts are perfectly usable with the standard finish.

This is a semi-modular kit with the various pieces all fitting together in such a way to allow for a range of setups.

Suited for use with a range of science fiction games, whether you are defending from an alien menace, fighting off hordes of ravenous mutants or withstanding an enemy siege these walls shall not fall!

Currently only our standard size Formidable Fortress is available (pictured above), but further parts and larger packages will become available over the coming month.

The standard fortress can be purchased here.