Thank you for visiting Culverin Models. We are produce 3d printed terrain and miniatures for 28mm "heroic" scale wargames.

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13 February 2021 - Sledgehammer Tank Destroyer now available

The Sledgehammer Tank Destroyer is now available!

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24 January 2021 - Typhos Breakthrough Tank now available

The Typhos Breakthrough Tank is now available!

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11 January 2021 - Prefab Building Set now available

Our Prefab Building terrain set is now available!

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6 January 2021 - Buffalo Recovery Truck now available

The Buffalo Recovery Truck is now available for purchase!

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1 January 2021 - Etsy Store Sale!

We are having a sale on our Etsy store offering 20% off until 31 January 2021. Check it out here.