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4 June 2020 - Fortified Outpost and Vehicles Kickstarter now live!

30 May 2020 - Fortified Outpost and Vehicles Kickstarter Pre-launch page now live!

This is our latest Kickstarter project featuring STL files for a fortified outpost and for several vehicles, along with a small selection of physical pledges. 

The pre-launch page can be found here.

16 May 2020 - Autocannon Turret Double Pack now available!

Our Autocannon turret double pack is now available here.

9 May 2020 - Horizontal Fuel Silo now available!

Our Horizontal Fuel Silo for 28mm wargames is now available here.

1 May 2020 - Hyena APC and Buffalo Transport Truck now available!

The Hyena APC and Buffalo Transport Truck for 28mm wargames are now available to purchase.

Please see the Iron Battalion section of the website for more information.

6 April 2020 - Ursa Troop Transport now available!

The Ursa Troop Transport is now available for purchase.

19 March 2020 - Tank Hunter Heavy Turret now available!

Our Heavy Tank Turret with Tank Hunter Cannon is now available here.

10 March 2020 - Commanding Castle Kickstarter freebies

Ruined wall sections and Wooden Siege Barricades (pictured) have been added for free to all pledges in the Commanding Castle Kickstarter! As funding progresses more freebies will be added so follow the project here so you don't miss out.

28 February 2020 - Early bird rewards confirmed for day 1 of the Commanding Castle Kickstarter!

Early bird rewards have been confirmed for the first day of our next Kickstarter campaign so don't miss out and sign up for a launch notification now. The project will be going live on the 1st of March 2020.  

20 February 2020 - Commanding Castle Kickstarter pre-launch page now live!

Our next Kickstarter project the Commanding Castle for 28mm scale wargaming will be launching next week and the pre-launch page is now live. Make sure to follow this to be notified of the launch. Further details of the project will be released towards the end of the week.

17 February 2020 - Heavy Cannon Emplacement is now available! 

Our Heavy Cannon Emplacement is now available for purchase. Perfect for defending your base from large mechs or tanks from a very large distance!

You can find the store entry here.

17 February 2020 - New Etsy Store!

As of February 2020 we will be moving most of our commerce over to Etsy. The eBay store will continue to exist with its current listing but all new releases will be listed on the Etsy store for the foreseeable future.

You can find the store here.

11 February 2020 - Heavy Tank Turret with Gatling Cannon now available! 

Our Heavy Tank Turret with Gatling Gun is now available. This can either be purchased as a single turret or as a triple pack.

24 January 2020 - Heavy Tank Turrets now available!

Our Heavy Tank Turrets are now available, please see more details here.

13 January 2020 - Minigun Turret now available!

The Minigun Turret is now available in a single pack here or a double pack here!

7 January 2020 - Formidable Fortress now available to purchase!

The Formidable Fortress is now available to purchase via our eBay store! We are starting with a limited selection of the range and will be rolling out more bits over the coming month.

The Fortress can be purchased here.

5 December 2019 - Outpost 56 scenery set now available!

Our Outpost 56 scenery set is now available for purchase! This is available here.

30 November 2019 - New fantasy scenery available!

Three new fantasy scenery items have been added to the eBay store page:

The ruined stone tower which is available here.

The Humble Hamlet which is available here.

The Small Ruined Building which is available here.

29 November 2019 - Claustrophobic Combat Kickstarter Launch!

The Claustrophobic Combat Kickstarter has now gone live!  Designed to be used with 28mm wargames, this terrain will allow you to create tight and cramped mazes of death to trap and hunt your enemies! Both STL files and physical pledges are available.

This project can be found here.